NBA 2K25 vs NBA 2K24 Graphics Comparison (Face Scans)



NBA 2K25 vs NBA 2K24 Graphics Comparison (Face Scans)

The recent announcement of NBA 2K25 by 2K Sports has generated significant buzz, particularly around the visual enhancements showcased in the newly released screenshots. This article delves into the advancements in face scans, body models, and lighting between NBA 2K24 and NBA 2K25.

Face Scans

NBA 2K24 already set a high standard for player likenesses with its advanced face scan technology. However, NBA 2K25 takes this to a new level. The latest screenshots reveal even more detailed and realistic facial features. Improvements include better skin texture, more natural eye movements, and enhanced facial animations that capture the unique expressions of each player. The refinement in facial hair and sweat detail also contributes to a more lifelike representation.

Body Models

When comparing body models, NBA 2K25 shows a marked improvement over its predecessor. NBA 2K24 offered a solid depiction of players' physiques, but NBA 2K25 introduces more accurately proportioned and dynamic body models. This update includes refined muscle definition, more realistic body movements, and better overall anatomical accuracy. These changes are particularly noticeable in the way players move on the court, making the gameplay experience more immersive.


One of the most striking differences between NBA 2K24 and NBA 2K25 is the lighting. NBA 2K24 had commendable lighting effects, but NBA 2K25 enhances this aspect significantly. The new game utilizes advanced lighting techniques to create more realistic shadows and reflections. This improvement not only enhances the overall atmosphere of the game but also provides a better visual distinction between different textures and materials, such as the court floor, player jerseys, and the crowd.

The lighting in NBA 2K25 also reacts more dynamically to different environments and times of day, which adds to the realism. The screenshots reveal how the lighting changes during night games versus day games, showing a higher degree of visual fidelity and immersion.


Overall, NBA 2K25 builds upon the strong foundation of NBA 2K24 by pushing the boundaries of visual realism in sports video games. The enhancements in face scans, body models, and lighting collectively contribute to a more immersive and visually stunning basketball simulation. With these updates, NBA 2K25 is poised to set a new benchmark for future sports games.