Ronnie2K Prepares for NBA 2K25 Announcement in Las Vegas



NBA 2K25 Announcement

The NBA 2K25 Summer League is set to kick off on July 12 and will run until July 22 in Las Vegas. This highly anticipated event will feature a total of 76 games, with participation from all NBA teams, providing fans with a glimpse of the upcoming talents and the future of the league. As the excitement builds for this basketball extravaganza, there's another buzzworthy topic capturing everyone's attention: the imminent announcement of the NBA 2K25 cover athlete.

Ronnie2K, a prominent figure in the NBA 2K community, is already in Las Vegas, stirring up excitement with videos asking fans who they think should grace the cover of NBA 2K25. He has been teasing the announcement with cryptic posts featuring the words "Up," "To," and "Something," indicating that the reveal is just around the corner. The anticipation is further amplified by the fact that the Summer League itself is sponsored by NBA 2K25, making it the perfect platform for such a significant announcement.

Jayson Tatum as Cover Athlete of NBA 2K25

NBA 2K's official Twitter account recently posted a video featuring Jayson Tatum alongside the game's logo and the tagline "Ball Over Everything," shortly after Tatum secured the championship ring. This strategic move by NBA 2K further fuels anticipation of Tatum's prominent role in NBA 2K25.

All signs point towards Jayson Tatum being the chosen cover athlete. Tatum, who recently got a fresh haircut while training with the USA national team for the upcoming Paris Olympics, is rumored to have filmed a commercial with Ronnie2K during this period. 

This has led to widespread speculation that Tatum will be featured on the cover, with the official announcement and trailer for NBA 2K25 expected to drop on Thursday, July 11. Following this, the game is anticipated to be available for pre-order starting Friday, July 12, 2024.

This announcement will also clarify the different editions and pricing for NBA 2K25, and it will hopefully answer a question that has been on fans' minds for quite some time: Will NBA 2K25 be next-gen on PC? The community has eagerly awaited this upgrade, and the upcoming reveal might finally provide the answers they seek.

As the NBA 2K25 Summer League unfolds, fans will not only enjoy the basketball action but also be on the edge of their seats for the much-anticipated cover athlete announcement. With the potential unveiling of Jayson Tatum as the cover star and the new game editions, this week promises to be a thrilling one for NBA 2K enthusiasts and basketball fans alike.