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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

PCBasket 2K21 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Roster Demo V1.5

 PCBasket 2K21 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Demo (Early Access) V1.5 Released

PCBasket 2K21 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Demo V1.5 07.28.2021 Released

"As I announced last week, my friends and I are working on a full version of PCBasket for NBA 2K21. Since it is a very huge project and many hours are needed to make a realistic product like this (The new version will a all in one roster based on 2021-2022 Season with NBA, WNBA, Euroleague, Eurocup, BCL, ACB and FIBA teams), so we have decided to release an early access (demo) with teams from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games."



New Update V1.5 Released. This Demo is All in One, so after new update you need to redownload the roster and modded files to have everything updated up to date.

Content V1.5:

- Updated ratings for Spain and France.

-  New Team Audios have added to Spain and France. Commentators will say the names of both countries, thus providing a higher level of immersion. Thanks to Hokupguy for discovering them.

- New realistic cyberfaces (face scans) from the scratch by me (Shuajota) for: Ricky Rubio, Marc Gasol, Alex Abrines, Sergio Rodriguez, Thomas Heurtel and Evan Fournier.

- Updated Tokyo 2020 Court by SRT-Lebron with a more realistic design.

Content V1.0:

- Accurate rosters for USA, Spain, France and Nigeria.

- Realistic uniforms with real fonts by @ArnauLucena (A13)

- Realistic cyberfaces (face scans) from the scratch by me (Shuajota)

- Realistic tattoos for Poirier by bluejaybrandon.

- Arena, Court and dornas with Tokyo 2020 design by me (Shuajota).

- Molten Ball and FIBA referee t-shirts by @ArnauLucena (A13).

- NBC Tokyo 2020 Presentation by me (Shuajota)

First look at some of new cyberfaces for Ricky Rubio, Evan Fournier and THomas Heurtel in Demo V1.5

First look at some of new cyberfaces for France for De Colo, Gobert (new skin tone) and Moustapha Fall

First look at some of new cyberfaces for Spain for Rudy Fernandez, Pau Gasol and Victor Claver

Realistic Uniforms by @ArnauLucena


Unknown said...

Looks fantastic, thank you man

Unknown said...

great job, but could i remove NBC Banner? Tks

Shuajota said...

Remove watermark.iff from Mods folder.

Unknown said...

Josh Green from Australia does not have a cyberface

Shuajota said...

No man, everything is fine on my rosters. The problem is you didn´t buy the game. Josh Green cyberface was added by 2K 5 months ago!. Buy it please, you are missing the official updates. Or download this pack and extract the cfs in your Mods folder: https://www.shuajota.com/2021/07/nba-2k21-all-cyberfaces-from-official.html

El Solitario said...

Lo primero, elogiar el tremendo trabajo que haceis. Sois muy grandes.
Lo segundo, ¿os planteariáis convertir la WNBA en selecciones FIBA femeninas?

Shuajota said...

Hola El Solitario, muchas gracias por el apoyo. Es una buena idea, aunque ahora mismo estamos centrados de lleno en el mod de PCBasket para NBA 2K22. Y estamos prácticamente haciendo las cosas desde cero. Somos menos personas así que tenemos complicado ir más allá de momento. Quizás una vez tengamos el proyecto hecho, le demos una oportunidad al tema femenino.

Un saludo.

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