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NBA 2K24 Hook and Mods Folder

What is Hook and How to Install Mods on NBA 2K24 PC?

The hook is a plugin created by Looyh that allows players to add mods to NBA 2K24. To install mods in NBA 2K, it has always been necessary to use this method. While that is true, 2K surprised the community by including, for the first time in the history of NBA 2K, the official presence of a mods folder in NBA 2K24 on PC, thereby providing support to the NBA 2K modding community that has created so much content over the years. 

NBA 2K24 Hook

However, this "mods" folder from 2K has limitations, as it only works with files already existing in NBA 2K24. That's why the hook is still necessary, making it possible to add anything you want.

NBA 2K24 Hook Mods

What are NBA 2K24 Mods? 

Mods are essentially modifications that add extra content to NBA 2K24 or enhance default content. "Modders" are who create these mods, which can include anything from new cyberfaces, jerseys, courts, arenas, scoreboards, to even custom rosters that add new teams, as seen in the case of the popular PCBasket roster.

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