NBA 2K24 Hook (Mods Folder) V24.0.2


NBA 2K24 Hook (Mods Folder) by Looyh

Purpose of the NBA 2K24 Hook Tool: 

The NBA 2K24 Hook tool was specifically designed to facilitate the integration of mods such as cyberfaces, courts, jerseys, and more. Crafted by looyh, a renowned figure in the modding community, this tool empowers users with an array of functions to elevate their gaming experience.

Key Functions of NBA 2K24 Hook: 

To utilize NBA 2K24 Hook, simply run the game and follow the prompts in the upper left corner. Pressing F8 will display the graphical user interface, though on some laptops, the combination may be fn+F8.

New Features:

The latest version introduces notable enhancements:

1. Customized Mod Resource Folders: 

- Mod resource folders are no longer constrained to names starting with "Mod." 

- Nested subdirectories are now supported, allowing for more organized and intricate folder structures. For example, "Foo/Bar" signifies a folder "Foo" within another folder "Bar" as a Mod resource folder.

2. Refactored Mod File Loading Code:

- The underlying code responsible for loading Mod files has undergone significant improvements. 

- Wav file loading is now more comprehensive, expanding the scope of modifiable elements. 

- Users can now customize files such as s850.iff and various sound effect wav files within the game. Notably, modifications to music files, including personally converted ones, will no longer automatically switch to alternate songs in the second half of the game.

These enhancements not only broaden the customization possibilities but also streamline the modding process, providing a more user-friendly experience for NBA 2K24 enthusiasts. Join to the biggest 2K Modding community on Discord here.

Latest NBA 2K24 Hook Updates

V24.0.1 (11.19.2023): 1. Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash immediately when running. Only a few people encountered it.

V24.0.2 (11.27.2023): 1. Fixed a thread safety bug when canceling event listening inside the event processing function. 2. Some other minor fixes.

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