How to Upload Face Scans in WWE 2K24



How to Upload Face Scans in WWE 2K24

How to Upload Your Face Scan in WWE 2K24

In WWE 2K24, you have the exciting opportunity to become a true superstar by uploading your own face scan. Whether you want to see yourself in the ring or create a custom character, follow these steps to get your face into the game:

1. Sign In

· Sign in to WWE 2K24 using the same Microsoft, PlayStation, or Steam login that you use to play the game.

How to Upload Face Scans to WWE 2K24

2. Access the Image Uploader

· From the main menu, navigate to Online > Community Creations > Image Manager.

· Look for the QR code that appears on-screen.

3. Visit the Image Uploader Website

· Head to WWE 2K24’s official Image Uploader website.

· Sign in using your WWE 2K24 account.

4. Upload Your Face Photo

· Click on “Upload Images”.

· Select the platform (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One or Steam) where you’re playing WWE 2K24.

· Upload the face photo you’ve created.

5. Check Community Creations

· Go back into the game and check Community Creations.

· Look at the Image Manager to see your uploaded face scan.

And that’s it! You’re now ready to step into the virtual wrestling world with your personalized face scan. Get ready to grapple, throw down, and make your mark in WWE 2K24.

Remember, this process allows you to bring your unique identity into the game, whether you’re aiming for authenticity or just having fun.